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Coffee Break 5

What did the gang think of Tales from the Loop? Find out in this optional review episode! Everyone gives their two cents on the system, some thoughts on the podcast in general, we also answer some questions from the fans. Plus, a sneak peak at the system we're going to in next week's episode!

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S1E45 - Turning Point

The entire summer has led to this moment: The Cankywampus Cabin Countdown. Everyone in camp breaks up into teams to compete in a massive relay race for the honor of the Cabin Countdown trophy. Then the Infiniteers head back to Nowhere.

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S1E40 - They Know

A startling encounter with an unknown creature sends the Infiniteens into a panic, but a calm, rational kind of panic. Which leads them to finally using that giant hole they dug in the woods a while back. But will they be able to convince anyone that there's more going on in camp than meets the eye? Well, they're kids so...probably not.

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